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Testimonials 2

More recent testimonials can be found on www.oshosammasati.org

Hello Maneesha, It was a wonderful time that we spent throughout the meditation training. The training has given me lots of understanding and experience around meditation. I have learned a variety of meditation techniques that I can use in my meditations alone, as well as for sharing with others. The well-designed structures gave me a chance to explore a variety of meditations and to share my exploration with others. The booklet you provided was a remembrance of the structure and was an extra input to my experience.
The most valuable essence of the training was being with you and sharing the moments of love and meditation together. I feel that experience has tremendously enriched my life.

                                                       Thank you  for the beautiful week,



I have had the pleasure of employing Maneesha as a consultant in connection with my Pepp Norway Coaching Academy, where she was conducting a seminar on the concepts of awareness and meditation for me and my students.
We all found Maneesha’s in-depth knowledge and personal experience very inspiring as well as highly useful. She gave us a taste of meditation that touched us all.

Erik Moller CEO
Pepp Norge AS
Oslo, Norway


I have had the honour and the privilege to organise and host several groups with Maneesha James in our meditation centre in the Netherlands. I also had the good fortune to participate in most of these groups.

Maneesha is warmhearted, wise and witty. She makes participants feel welcome, loved and cared for. Her knowledge of meditation techniques, applicable to any situation in life, even dying, is truly amazing.

We have missed her presence in Europe in the past few years and hope she may resume her international work one day. Meanwhile, we work with her meditation CD's. I can honestly say that I always use 'Tuning into the Moment' in beginner’s groups, for I cannot think of a better introduction to meditation.

Rangeeni Franssen
The Hague, the Netherlands


I've come to know Maneesha from two workshops that I took in Israel. I read on the internet that Maneesha had worked for many years closely with Osho and was his appointed editor, and that she was the ‘guinea pig’ when he was creating his own meditation techniques and introducing methods from the major esoteric traditions: I thought that it would be very enriching to spend time with her. I was absolutely right.

Those two workshops, which took place on two consecutive weekends, were eventful, enriching, and life-changing. Indeed, they gave me a profound spiritual experience.

Maneesha facilitated the groups in a pleasant manner, clear articulation, warm voice and she always had a smile. Following her well-explained instructions was a pleasure for me. I gained a whole lot of personal moments of clarity and joy.

The second workshop on Death was a little bit more sombre. During it I experienced one of the deepest meditative states that I ever had. I had actually felt that I died and then came back to life. It was a very strong meditation, and ever since then I feel differently about death. My approach towards it now is a lot more natural, calmer, and there is much less fear.

The things that I remember Maneesha most for are her attentiveness towards each and every one of the group, her way of explaining things very clearly and very positively, always smiling, loving dancing and having fun, and her gentle voice which during a meditation caresses you and helps you to go deeper and deeper into a meditative state. Although our acquaintance was brief, I feel a bond with her and I'm glad that I can call her my friend.

David Levy
Tel Aviv


“As I am now 80 years of age, I want to prepare myself for dying.
Maneesha’s special guided meditations made for this purpose has become an excellent guide in my process. I now have a deep trust that when the time of death is approaching, I’ll be able to accept what will be happening to me.”

Dr Ella Goubitz
Social Psychologist
Consultant for Human Relations
in the Netherlands and the USA

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You, before me standing,
Oh, my eternal self!
Since my first glimpse
You have been my secret love.


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