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Meditation du Jour

Body Anchoring

Apart from its other obvious advantages, having a body provides us with a natural anchor in the moment. Our minds can – and do – take us all over the place: reminiscing about the past or having regrets, or, conversely, day-dreaming (or feeling fearful) about the future. Happily, the body can only be in the present. This is especially useful to remember when we’re becoming too caught up in our heads.

Adopting the suggestion that follows during your lunch break, or even pausing for a moment in your office, and standing to stretch is a simple and effective way to re-anchor your awareness in your body.

As you walk, instead of letting your mind engage you – for example, in some work you have just done or plan to do – bring your awareness to your body. Forget everything else that is happening around you; these few moments are only for you and the relaxation of your body.

Feel your feet moving on the ground, the sensation of your clothing against your legs. From inside observe how you are holding yourself: are your shoulders relaxed or hunched up? Your hands loose or clenched? Your jaw tight or slack? Note wherever you are holding tension in the body and consciously loosen up.

Love yourself and watch –
Today, tomorrow, always.

Gautam Buddha

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