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Meditation du Jour



“To know oneself is very elementary. It is not difficult, it can't be difficult. You need not learn anything to know who you are; you have only to unlearn a few things."

Step 1: Unlearn concern with things.
Sitting silently, look at a tree [for example]. Just be watchful, don't think about it. The tree is there, you are there – and between the two there is space. The space is not cluttered with thoughts. Suddenly there is great joy for no visible reason, for no reason at all. You have learned the first secret.

Step 2: Unlearn concern with thoughts.
Now close your eyes and look at any thought that comes by – without thinking about the thought. Some face arises on the screen of your mind, or a cloud moves, or anything: just look at it without thinking.

This will be a little harder than the first step because things are grosser; thoughts are very subtle. But if the first has happened, the second will happen; only time will be needed. Go on looking at the thought. After a while.... It can happen within weeks, it can happen within months, it can take years. It depends on you how intently, how wholeheartedly you are doing it. Then one day, suddenly, thoughts are not there. You are alone.
“When the thought disappears you are simply left alone; only subjectivity is left alone. And great joy will arise, a thousand fold greater than the first joy that happened when the tree was there and the thought had disappeared. It will be so immense that you will be flooded with joy.
“When this has started happening, then do the third thing: Watch the watcher.

Step 3: Witnessing.
"Now there is no object. Things have been dropped, thoughts have been dropped: now you are alone. Now simply be watchful of this watcher, be a witness to this witnessing. Again, in the beginning it will be difficult because we know only how to watch some thing. Now there is nothing; it is absolute emptiness. Only the watcher is left alone. You have to turn upon yourself.

“Now something happens which is not only quantitatively different but qualitatively different; this joy is utterly different. This is you yourself; this is your innermost nature. It is not something happening to you so it cannot be taken away. You have come home.”

This dewdrop world --
it may be a dewdrop,
and yet... and yet...


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