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available online at: www.amazon.com.

Maneesha says of her trilogy:
"In 1985, after he returned to India from his world tour, Osho suggested that I write a book that would be, as he termed it, "the historical documentation" of his work and the movement that grew up around him. "Having at that point been with him for fourteen years, I found it impossible to squeeze all that needed to be said within the confines of one volume. So triplets emerged…an entire trilogy! (Curiously enough, each book did take nine months to complete)

Bhagwan: The Buddha for the Future describes the evolution of Osho's first commune – in Pune, India – where I was to find myself (literally and figuratively!) in October 1974. Those seven years were, simply, awesome.
"For the segment on the second commune, at Rajneeshpuram in Oregon, USA, I drew not only on my own experiences but on those of many others who were involved in work of which I had known little or nothing. That period, too, in an entirely different way, was extraordinary. Many of us felt we learnt invaluable lessons through being witness to both the US government's efforts to sabotage Osho's work, and those of a small group of sannyasins who became embroiled in internal politicking.
"I know I feel I have lived several lifetimes in a relatively few years….and I would not change one moment of any of it!
"I have a particular affection for Bhagwan: Twelve Days that Shook the World – the second volume – too. It required a tremendous amount of research and, in gathering that all together, I realized that I was looking at a thriller, and one in a genre all its own: a political-spiritual one. Though some readers might find the court testimony a lot to tackle, I included it because I personally find it fascinating, and because I want all that happened to Osho and his work to be recorded, as precisely as possible, for posterity. I thought that if I don't do this now, maybe it will never get done.
"And the last book, Bhagwan: One Man Against the Whole, Ugly Past of Humanity? It was an amazing experience to be with Osho on his world tour. Those months were so turbulent and insecure; we did not know from one day to the next if we might suddenly be deported from whatever country we were currently in, or if some new pretext might be dreamed up through which to separate Osho from us.
"I was able to see with my own eyes Osho's relentless unshake-ability and sustained good humor, his profound understanding, his blatant disregard for his own personal safety, and his refusal to compromise or be cowed by political pressure.
"I have been inordinately blessed to have been by the side of a living buddha for the last fifteen years of his life. Hopefully something of my gratitude is transmitted through my writing."

Bhagwan: The Buddha for the Future
From the introduction:
"This is the most fascinating, revealing and important book yet to be written about Osho. It is the first book told by someone who has lived with him in his household. Juliet Forman [a.k.a.Maneesha] recounts with delicate clarity the intimate details of the world around Osho, against the backdrop of increasing world recognition of Osho as the most radical man of our times."
*Dr. George Meredith, M.D. M/B. B.S. M.R.C.P
"[Ms James] tells so much about the nature of enlightenment, the expectations of disciples, betrayal, and the workings of power, politics and spirituality, that the overall effect is startling." Body, Mind and Spirit (USA)

Bhagwan: Twelve Days that Shook the World ISBN: 3-89338-058-2
From the introduction:
"This is a book of inner and outer transformations. It's a hall of mirrors capturing the thousand and one images of the American heart and mind on both sides of the prison bars of so-called justice. In this precious document, [Maneesha] has somehow magically caught the invisible tremor of truth by the tail, spiced it with laughter and tears and woven it all into a delicious tale of intrigue."
*Robert Coleman, B.A., M.F.A., UCLA
From the book jacket:
" 'I have found a better recorder than Ramakrishna has ever found in Vivekananda, or even Socrates has found in Plato," said [Osho] of the author, Maneesha.
"When we are all gone, her collections will be remembered for centuries.
"An extraordinary tribute from a master to a disciple who, for most of the last fourteen years has been deeply involved in compiling and editing books of Osho's discourses, which are now available in over five hundred titles in more than thirty languages around the world.
"More recently she has become a chronicler of the amazing events around Osho. In this, her second book, she covers the period of her master's imprisonment in the USA and the attempts on his life – and this time, the disciple has written it down while the master is still alive."

Bhagwan: One Man Against the Whole, Ugly Past of Humanity ISBN: 3-89338-103-1
From the book jacket:
"…Maneesha James has documented the tragedy of Osho's world odyssey in 1986 with great sensitivity. Interwoven throughout the drama and uncertainty of the times are countless vignettes – touching, startling, humorous – that afford the reader a unique glimpse into the life of one of the most remarkable men to have ever lived on this Earth.
"Her writing style is mature, and so powerful that the incidents she depicts throb in the pulse of the reader."
*Amrita Pritam, M.P. poet, author
From the back of the book:
"[This] is the last book in maneesha James' trilogy, and the first detailed account of Osho's world odyssey as told by one of the disciples accompanying him. Beginning with Osho's enforced departure from the United States, the story takes the reader to a dozen countries as his people attempt to find a home for their master.
"This is a documentation of life lived intimately and intensely with a master who must certainly be regarded as the greatest iconoclast of all time. A mind-shattering saga of suspense and intrigue on an international scale, Ms. James' disturbing book culminates in the United States' government's murder of Osho – an event the author sees as not the end but the beginning of a realization of a vision, a dream for a new humanity."

No matter how fast you run,
your shadow more than keeps up.
Sometimes it’s in front!

Only full, overhead sun
diminishes your shadow.

But that shadow has been serving you!
What hurts you, blesses you.
Darkness is your candle.
Your boundaries are your quest.




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