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Maneesha JamesWelcome to Maneesha James’ website – created for the ongoing exploration of meditation as a resource for all aspects of living and dying. Actually I’ve moved (all bar some lingering memories) – see below.


Remaining on this website

About Maneesha features an outline of her background, qualifications, and her current work.

Testimonials - some of the participants of Maneesha's group and clients with whom she has worked individually offer their comments.

Blog – archived posts. Maneesha’s current blog can be found here.

Calendar – workshops offered internationally by Maneesha and her co-facilitators

Products – Books – Videos – CDs (see sub-menus) – see new offerings from Maneesha here – includes the OSHO Bardo CD/mp3 for relaxation and as a preparation for dying, whenever that may be

Links connects you to her sister website and to other sites from which you can discover more on aspects of meditation, on health, music, art, etc.

Contact Maneesha

To be honest, it’s a bit of a ghost town, so best get over to where the action is on the OSHO Sammasati website!


Maneesha’s new online home

For the past several years, Maneesha has offered her work as OSHO Sammasati, providing a series of workshops known as The OSHO Sammasati Experience together with co-facilitator Sudheer P. Niet. She offers workshops, online webinars and sessions around the world and writes articles and blogs on meditation, often with a focus on death and conscious dying.

Maneesha has relocated to www.oshosammasati.org – a new website (January 2016) on which can be found interviews with her, articles by her, along with meditative techniques and other resources related to living-dying consciously.

The OSHO Sammasati website is a comprehensive resource for those both new to and those familiar with meditation and includes sections on:

Meditation Guidance for those new to meditation, tips for those with some experience and an introduction to the vast range of meditative methods available.

Meditation Toolkit – includes a searchable library of meditations for every circumstance and phase of life – health, pain, illness and dying; guidance on how to lead a meditation; words from Osho, workshops and articles.

Health and Ageing – Living optimally & caring for your bodymind. Meditation methods and articles and related resources most suitable for those in good health.

Illness and Pain - Meeting challenges and change. Meditations, articles and resources to support you when you or those you are caring for are ill, in pain, unconscious or facing other health challenges or disabilities.

Death & Dying - Resources for those wishing to contemplate death whilst in good health, facing one’s own imminent death or being with/caring for another who is in the dying process. Meditations, articles and practicalities.

Death & Dying Toolkit - Though primarily for a person who is dying, it has many resources that will also be of help to carers of the dying. Includes meditations for dying, dying consciously, dealing with emotions, body sensations, practical aspects and inspiration.

Supporting the Ill & Dying - Meditations and other resources for those who are caring for or visiting the ill or dying. Includes supporting someone through emotional changes, rapport and other communication skills and guiding in meditation.

Carer Toolkit - Resources for carers of the seriously ill or dying including primary carers (generally family and friends); those working in a voluntary or professional capacity; and occasional visitors to the seriously ill or dying – see Maneesha’s eGuide A Guide to Visiting the Dying

After Death - For those who have gone, and those who remain. Resources for care & disposal of the body, funerals, celebration of life, dealing with grief & loss.


This is now. Now is.
Don’t postpone
Til then.


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